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2017 Xtrail Expedition

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2016-07-07 Event Type:Event
  • place:Altay, Xinjiang
  • time:2017年06月03日~13日
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Dear Competitor,Volunteer,VIP and Media,

Xtrail is proud to present the Second Edition of the Altay Xtrail Expedition race. We genuinely invite you to the race and associated activities from 2nd -10th in Juneto be held from the prefecture of Altay, XinJiang, China.

2017 Altay Xtrail Expedition race will take place in the iconic Altay. As an official member of AR World Series, this event is the only AR world series qualifying station in Asia.

Teams will experience the unique grasslands, lakes, mountains in this spectacular part in the world. Altay prefecture located in northern Xinjiang, its northwest connect to Kazakhstan and Russia, its northeast border with Mongolia. The Kazak culture surround across iconic destinations that teams will explore during their one week journey.

AXE is open to mixed teams of four, team are estimated to complete the non stop, unsupported course of trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, rope skill and navigation in 3-6 days. The total distance for the race will be 600+KM, which are more diverse and complicated than last year demonstration. The closing time for the full course close is 6 days. Moreover, the course will pass through desert, lakes and more other landforms. The exact course is kept secret until 24hrs before the starts. With much excitement and anticipation, teams are provided a course booklet and their race maps.

In the spirit of a true expedition, teams will be unsupported with their equipment, pre- packed in plastic crates, transporting to various points on the course by the race organizers.

The place AXE taken place is where you never regret visiting, that’s why the transportation may be long and exhausting. Best luck for your performance and I look forward to meeting you in Altay.


$2000 per team, to secure a spot for the race, we only reserve your entry by payment received. The deadline for the payment of the race is May 10th. Accommodations and meals in Altay are covered in the entry fee. Transition and other reception service are also included.

The payment method will be announced in the detailed race info pack. 


Our suggestion for your arrival with your equipment is Altay Airport, we will arrange bus pick up at Altay airport two shifts per day and transport you to the accommodation.
There are sufficient flights per day in/out of Urumqi from lots of major cities of China. We suggest you fly to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai first, then take a transfer flight to Urumqi. There will be around 8 flights from Urumqi to Altay airport per day to fit in your flight 

schedule. If you find trouble booking the internal flight in China, we suggest you contact the agent or browsing website at: wwww.qunar.com or www.ctrip.com


One of the great aspects of this expedition is the self-supported nature of the race.You will need to meticulously plan all your equipment and sustenance then pack them into your trunks.

There are two key aspects to the logistic plan - 1.Crates/2. Bike Boxes/ 3.Paddle Bags.


Xtrail will provide FIVE plastic crates to each time, all same size. Teams are required to use the race crates only.

These crates will be moved to various transitions through the course. You need to pack your crate prior to the race start and submit it to the logistics manager.

Bike Boxes

Each person must provide a bike box to the exact dimensions 140cm X 80cm X 30cm.

These are a standard size of the AR World Series and many airlines.

However, we notice some of the airlines
have different regulations, to avoid extra
cost, team are allowed choose bike boxes following their air company.


Altay Xtrail Expedition uses the standard Mandatory Equipment list for the Adventure Racing World Series.

The Mandatory Equipment list can be found at.

Maps will be provided by the organizers. These will be a combination of 1:100000 topographic and other relevant maps. They will be pre marked with Cps and distributed on A4 and A3 paper. 

Event Rules

The event will follow the ARWS Rules Of Competition. 

Event Highlight

Official Event Arrangement
Day 1:06/02 Arrival

 - Transfers from your accommodation in Urumqi to Altay 

 -Arrival at Altay Airport

-Bus transfer from Altay airport to accommodation 

Day 2:06/03 Check in
 -Registration all day at accommodation - Breakfast

- Technical briefing
- Lunch
- Equipment checks
- Dinner 

Day 3: 06/04 Prologue
 - Breakfast

- Shuttle bus transportation in Altay (Lunch packed by teams) - Opening ceremony
- Prologue in Altay
- Shuttle bus return to accommodation
- Crate boxes& Bike boxes Uploading on truck
- Dinner 

Day 4:06/05Race Start
  - Equipment packing & Uploading

- Breakfast
- Shuttle bus to start line at Kanas(five hour drive) - Race start 

Day 5: 06/06 Race Day2
 - all day racing
Day 6: 06/07 Race Day3
 - all day racing
Day 7:06/08Race Day4

-all day racing
-Winning team expect to finish 

Day 8:06/09 Race Day5
-all day racing

Day 9:06/10 Course Close
-Course Closed at 1400

 -Closing Banquet at 1900 

Day 10:06/11Transportation
-Transportation to Altay Airport 

Day 11:
Course Route

The total course length for 2016 Altay Xtrail Expedition will be approximately 600km. 

To Be Announced......