2020 XTRAIL Ultra Race Mutianyu

2020-08-31 to 2020-08-30
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The Great Wall of China, one of the greatest wonders of the world, was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Just like a gigantic dragon, it winds up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus, stretching approximately 21,196 kilometers from east to west of China.

With a history of about 2,700 years, some of the Great Wall sections are now in ruins or have disappeared. However, the Great Wall of China is still one of the most appealing attractions all around the world owing to its architectural grandeur and historical significance.

With the help of several town governments and different sections of the Great Wall, XTRAIL is glad to announce the registration of the 2020 XTRAIL Ultra Race Mutianyu is now open. Set in Oct, the 2020 race is guaranteed to provide the most scenic Autumn view of the wall. The 2019 race has attracted more than 900 runners from 19 countries, of which 60% are foreigner passport holders. Allegedly it’s “the most international trail running race of Beijing”

The most appealing feature of the 2020 race is that it not only covers the most visited Mutianyu great wall but also takes you to several different Walls in Huairou so that you can experience the different features of each wall within the same race. The 100km race will cover:

1: Mutianyu: the most magnificent fully-restored Great Wall section. First built in the mid-6th century during the Northern Qi, the Mutianyu section is even older than the Badaling section of the Great Wall. With 40% of its annual visitors from overseas, It’s the most popular choice among foreign visitors.

2: Huanghuacheng: It’s also called the lakeside great wall. It is divided by reservoirs, and some parts are even immersed in the water. It’s the only place in Beijing where you can see both water and the great wall together.

3: Jiankou: the unrestored section that appears on most postcards, steep and perilous. For safety reasons, you won’t be actually running on Jiankou. But you can admire its beauty from a close distance.

4: Xiangshuihu:It got its name from the rippling Xiangshui Spring, the source of drinking water for locals. You can hear the roaring spring at certain parts of the wall. Some parts are untraversable and unrestored but provides a different kind of beauty from Jiankou.

There are four categories for the 2020 race: 100km, 50km, 28km and 12km. Not matter which category you signed up, you’ll enjoy the beautiful red, yellow and green colors on your run. Oct is probably the most scenic season to visit the Walls.

Date & Location

Race:Oct 24th to 25th,2020

BIB Pickup:Oct 23rd,2020 


Mutianyu Great Wall, Huairou, Beijing


Race Route

To get the GPX file for your route, 

simply text "mutianyu gpx"

to our official WeChat account.


Total distance:101km

Cut off time:26h


Total distance:50km

Cut off time:14h


Total distance:28.1km

Cut off time:8h


Total distance:12km

Cut off time:4h

Cut Off Time





*Results will be invalid if exceeding the cut off time.


1. AgeAll participants needs to be older than 18 years old . Children in 12km should be older than 6 years old and sign up with parents .(There is no ranking for the 12km group.)

2.FitnessAll runners must be healthy, free of heart disease, high blood pressure or any other conditions which might interfere with the race. The race committee reserves the right to stop runners with medical conditions from participating the race.

3.Previous Experience:

100km:Runners in the 100km category must finish at least two full marathons or one 100km trail running race in the past 2 years before registering.

50km:Runners in the 50km category must finish at least one half marathons in the past year before registering.

4.A valid Chinese ID card or passport.

5.All participants must agree to the terms and conditions of the race at registration.

Mandatory Gears

Those labeled“provided” will be provided before the race by the committee.

All mandatory gears must be carried at all times during the race.

*Some common drugs can be placed in the first aid kit.

Recommended Gears

1.Electrolyte beverages, water and supplement foods.

2.Sunglasses, vaseline.

Race Bib

Race bib must be attached firmly to the outside layer of your clothes or bag, and kept visible during the entire race.

Covering race bib, or any change of the bib will result in disqualification.

Please write down your personal information and emergency contact on the back of your bib.


All participants must submit RMB 500 deposit in cash or Alipay in exchange for the timing chip. The deposit will be returned after the race.


The registration fee includes a basic insurance for the race. 

Please contact us for the insurance coverage details. 

Additional insurance is recommended but not required.

Race schedule

Sign up

1.Registery fee

2.What's included?

a、Race bag.

b、Finisher medal.

c、Transfer to the STRAT/FINISH.

d、Insurance for Oct 24th\25th

e、All race supplies at checkpoints.

f、Ticket to enter Mutianyu Great Wall and Huanghuacheng Great Wall.

3.Registration Deadline

Registration deadline:Sep 10th 2020, 23:59 

Early bird price deadline:Jul 1st 2020,23:59

Race bag collection:Oct 23rd 2020, 13:00-23:00

4.How to register

Please refer to the link below in our website to fill out the registration form.


Refund Policy

·70% of the registration fee could be refunded if apply before 60 days prior to the race.

·30% of the registration fee could be refunded if apply within the time window of 30 to 60 days prior to the race.

The registration fee is non-refundable within 30 days prior to the race date.


a) Transfer will be approved only if you request before 30 days prior to the race by email.

b) The request of transfer is only permitted when you can find the person who is qualified to take over your entry.

c) We charge a CNY 100 fee to process the transfer.

d) Transfer is processed within 7 days.

e) Transfer without authorization from organizer will be disqualified!